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At Old Hall Drive we believe in giving the children the best start to the day and the best possible chances to achieve their best in class.  In the UK 1 in 7 children go to school without eating breakfast. Going to school without breakfast has a direct impact on children’s behaviour and concentration in lessons, making it harder for them to reach their full potential. It also means teachers spend more time dealing with the effects of hunger and less time helping children learn.


Old Hall Drive operates a Breakfast club for children in Reception – Y6 (entry from 8:00 – 8:30).  For 50p a day your child can come in to school and choose from a variety of fruit, cereal, porridge, bagels and fruit juice.  Whilst also having the opportunity to take part in fun team building activities.  If you would like your child to attend Breakfast Club but would have difficulty paying the daily charge, speak to Mrs Turner or Mrs Hughes.


Old Hall Drive’s breakfast club is sponsored by Magic Breakfast.  Having this additional support enables us to provide more children with breakfast by serving bagels and porridge in the playground at 8:40 every morning.  If you are unable to provide your child with breakfast before leaving for school in the morning, please arrive in school on time and take advantage of bagels in the playground.


If you have any questions about breakfast club, please speak to Mrs Turner.

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