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Summer Term 2017


Welcome to the Summer Term! It might be the final full term of year 5 for the children but it’s shaping up to be an exciting few months ahead.

We have a brand new topic for Summer which has been chosen in honour of the world’s ‘Greatest Living Explorer’, Sir Ranulph Fiennes’. Why he is regarded as such will be one of the many fascinating things we will be learning about this extraordinary man over the coming weeks.

Firstly, some admin reminders for the new term: PE will take place every Monday and in a change to the Spring term, we will be having our second PE session each Friday until further notice. In addition to this, we will be doing our CoJo Missions on a Thursday afternoon, so please ensure your child brings in their full PE kit on these three days; this should consist of a white t-shirt and black shorts with pumps or trainers - otherwise they will not be able to take part. As the children have their own lockers, they have a safe place to store it, so can leave it in school until it requires a wash.

Homework, which will continue to consist of a written piece of both Maths and English, will be sent home on Fridays, to be returned the following Wednesday. Ten spelling words will now be sent home to learn on a Monday, giving the children the week to practice them before the spelling test on Friday. It is vital that your child completes their homework, as it consolidates their in-class learning, and also lets you see what we have been studying that week. If for some reason homework is not completed or handed in, those children will be asked to complete it during their lunch hour or break time.

In addition to English and Maths homework, the children will have a new topic homework menu which has been added to their homework books. It is a table of activities and can be completed throughout the duration of the Summer term. Every activity is related to our topic of Sir Ranulph Fiennes. The tasks listed have been chosen to inspire the children’s learning at home and should be a lot of fun! They vary from plotting Sir Ranulph’s many routes on a map, making a Sahara survival pack and researching and making cardboard penguins to making an iceberg hot chocolate and making a shoebox Antarctica! Every activity completed and brought into school will be rewarded with either 2 or 3 points, with the class amassing the highest number of points, receiving a mystery prize! Although 5AC were very close to winning in Spring 1, it wasn’t as close in Spring 2, so with a bit of a push and extra effort, the children and I are hoping we get a lot nearer – maybe even winning - this time around!

In English, the children will be looking at a biography of Sir Ranulph and this week, we have started researching in preparation for writing a newspaper article about one of the many, if unfortunate, incidents that he has experienced as a result of his adventures. We will also be continuing to focus on our handwriting and presentation following last term’s visit from handwriting expert, Mr Harvey. The children are working really hard on their handwriting and it’s very rewarding to see how far we’ve come in a matter of months. If we can remember to use our best handwriting as our normal handwriting, we will be especially pleased!

Punctuation is still a priority this term, but in particular, we will be making sure everyone gets the basics of full stops and appropriately used capital letters! We will continue to have our weekly lesson led by Ed from Anchor Education but this half term, we will be having music lessons.

In Maths, we will be looking at percentages, decimals and fractions and the link between the three, alongside plotting coordinates and the translation, rotation and reflection of shapes on a grid. We will also be continuing in our efforts to learn all of our times tables by the end of year 5, so anything you can do at home in support of this would be greatly appreciated!

As mentioned earlier, our topic this half term is focused around the exciting and extraordinary adventures of Sir Ranulph Fiennes. We have already learned quite a bit about his incredible accomplishments and some of the battles he has had to face in order to survive his many adventures. We will also painting a desert island scene from the point of view of Sir Ranulph Fiennes as he approached on his boat, learning geography skills to locate islands around the world, making our own world record medal out of clay and presenting information we have learned about his life in a variety of formats. There will be many other exciting learning opportunities ahead though – too many to fit in here!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to anyone in the Y5AC team, who can be found on the playground at the start and end of each. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support on behalf of Mrs Davis, Mrs Whitaker and myself, Ms Cook. Here’s to productive, exciting and sunny summer term!


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